The powerful open source parking system is collected!

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Today I recommend a parking system source code based on java development.

Open source agreement

Using the Zlib open source license agreement, the code is completely open source, there is no authorization problem, there is no back door, and no third-party private jar package is used, and the performance and security are completely independent and controllable.

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Technology Architecture

Back-end development language java, framework oauth2+springboot2+doubble2.7.3, database mysql/mongodb/redis, instant messaging underlying framework netty4, Android and ios are native development, background management template vue-typescript-admin-template, file service fastDFS , SMS currently only integrates Alibaba Cloud SMS service. Born for tens of millions of data, tens of millions of users worry-free, the current 40w real users without pressure, the Internet of Things in the era of big data.

Features at a glance

  • Nearby parking lot + navigation: Integrate AutoNavi Navigation SDK, search for nearby parking lots within N kilometers according to the latitude and longitude of the current location, display parking lot location, distance, rating, parking fee, etc., sorted by distance in positive order. After selecting the parking lot, you can view the details of the parking lot, photo albums and other information, and you can navigate directly.
  • Parking space reservation: You can reserve a parking space in advance, and you will be charged automatically when overtime. You can cancel the reservation in advance for free, so you don't have to worry about finding a parking space.
  • Parking lot service evaluation: optional comment function, allowing car owners after using the parking lot service to evaluate and comment on the designated parking lot parking service
  • Parking package: The type of package is customized. What kind of annual card, monthly card, weekly card, day card, your hour card, minute card, and second card can be used. It is so flexible. Support users to purchase designated parking lot parking packages online, which will take effect immediately after purchase.
  • Temporary license plate and unlicensed entry and exit (no need to scan code): When the vehicle has no license plate or cannot recognize the license plate and cannot enter and exit, you can directly operate on the mobile phone (WeChat official account/APP) to apply for temporary access without scanning the code.
  • Remote gate opening (support reservation gate opening): support real-time remote gate opening, background management executes the release operation, and the designated barrier gates of the parking lot will automatically open. It is also supported to designate to open a certain barrier in a designated parking lot at a certain point in the future (that is, make an appointment to open the gate).
  • Online management of display screen content: online management of the number of parking spaces on the display screen at the entrance and exit of the parking lot, voice broadcast, advertising text, pictures, etc.
  • Instant messaging chat function/Circle of Friends (Imitating WeChat): A real instant messaging system, with performance and functions modeled on WeChat for development. Support functions such as searching for friends, adding friends, deleting friends, entering and exiting groups, system messages, single chat, group chat, etc.
  • Coupon function: support the distribution of coupons, general coupons, mall coupons, parking coupons, etc. The coupons can be used to deduct the parking fee in full or in part.
  • Payment function: support Alipay/WeChat/UnionPay and other payments, account configuration is ready to use, can be extended to any other third-party payment, super flexible.

Demo screenshot


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