The word expert automatically does the question. The PHP version is a full set of open source + front and back separation development + half of the software + CDKey exchange


Development language: PHP+Mysql

Source introduction and installation instructions:

I wrote the Yi language version today. There is a need for multi-threading to adjust risk control, a batch of disgusting. I haven't learned anything in this online class until now. That's all. I will simply take a few pictures and see for myself. The front end is Vue.js. The backend is PHP. Front-end and back-end development are separated. To use the front-end source code, you need to install npm install first. If you have the corresponding technical foundation, it will be much easier to read the code. At the same time, I do not provide any technical support, nor do I provide any follow-up maintenance. I have opened this code and gave up you to take it and play. Current functions: basic user registration and login, SMS verification, word master main function module, CDKey redemption, package package. Need to configure: 1. Question monitoring, address: https://your domain name/tools


ArtTask If you report an error, try to change the controller to vocabgoDo because of risk control. I now use a 1min timed task. When I do one question every time, PHP can only run in a single thread synchronously. 2. Modify the number of unstarted tasks pulled each time modify app/tools/model

ocabgoModel.php 116 line limit(N); 132 line if ( o n g o i n g <N ); 135 lines l i m i t (N – ongoing <N); 135 lines limit(N – o n g o i n g < N ) ; 1 3 5 lines l i m i t ( N –  ongoing); 138 line limit (N-$ongoing) these 4 places N is modified to the number of tasks you want to run at the same time. 3. Modify the answer rate and delay of app/tools/controller

Change $time_spent in line 39 of ocabgoDo.php to the value you want. 4. The server IP will be blacked out. After blacking out, the previous generation {over}{filtering} is required, and the function for obtaining {over}{filtering} on behalf of {over}{filtering} is in app/api/controller /Proxy.php5, package card secrets, tasks, user management, etc. can be viewed in the background 6. If you want to add data query conditions in the background, directly modify the option in the corresponding Vue Component next to the search box above That is, value means that the field name is consistent with the database. 7. The package card secret generation can be obtained in the background. 8. Task status description 0=Not started 1=In progress 2=Completed 3=Abnormal 4=Risk control 9. Task type description class = class task personal = personal task 10. Sending text messages is a connection to Tencent Cloud, you need Modify the application configuration file and the sending parameters in app/index/controller/Sms.php 11. The application configuration file is in app/extra/app_config.php 12. Just today I just wrote the manual answer mode, I have used the software Docking. You can check app/tools


artTask method. As long as you pass a task id, you can pull the specified task and start to do it. 13. The QR code generation address of the word master is in public


ocabgo/qrcodes will be generated according to different users. In order to prevent a lot of junk files from being generated, you need to set up a timed task, such as the following pagoda timed task: rm -rf /www/wwwroot/your website name/public


ocabgo/qrcodes/* I set it to execute every 4 hours. You can configure it arbitrarily. Others read the code yourself. Nothing else, configure this and the database and it can run directly.

Netdisk download address: