There are always physical phenomena that will subvert your imagination

Introduction: Recorded an interesting physics demonstration experiment in the headline. The experiment process is very interesting.

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In the headlines: there is always physical phenomena subvert your imagination gives interesting experiment recording the use of liquid between the three simple plastic bottles in circulation. When I first saw it, I thought it was amazing, and I couldn't help but record it.

The demonstration device is composed of three empty plastic sheets. Use four plastic pipes to connect them. The structure is shown in the figure below. Each bottle mouth can be sealed with a corresponding bottle cap.

▲ Figure 1-1 Schematic diagram of experimental device

▲ 图1-1 实验装置示意图

The video demonstrates the process of injecting liquid into the experimental bottle with different caps sealed. The following four GIF pictures are collected from the original continuous video.

1. The liquid is injected from the middle bottle mouth

Seal the two plastic bottles next to them with bottle caps, and pour the liquid into the middle bottle mouth. As the injected liquid increases, the liquid also flows into the two plastic bottles next to it through the plastic pipe below.

At this time, the speed of filling the middle bottle is the key. The liquid in the middle bottle quickly surpasses the upper velocity channel. For the bottles on both sides, there is no way for the gas to be eliminated. In this way, as the liquid flowing into the plastic bottles on both sides increases, the air pressure increases. The liquid in the middle bottle stops flowing to the two adjacent plastic bottles.

Then the mouth of the middle bottle is sealed with a bottle cap.

2. Inject liquid from the right side of the bottle

Open the mouth of the bottle on both sides. Since the middle bottle is sealed, the gas on it is separated from the outside world. Therefore, due to the atmospheric pressure, the liquid in the middle does not continue to flow to the two bottles next to it.

Then pour liquid into the bottle on the right, and you will see the plastic pipe that passes through the middle bottle. The liquid injected into the bottle on the right will also flow to the bottle on the left. During this process, the liquid height of the middle bottle remains unchanged.

3. Seal the left side of the bottle

Seal the mouth of the left bottle and continue to inject liquid into the right bottle. Since the two bottles on the left and the middle are sealed, the volume of the upper air basically remains unchanged. So the liquid injected into the right bottle no longer flows to the middle and left bottles.

Open the caps of the left bottle and the middle bottle. Since the bottoms of the three bottles are accompanied by pipes, the pages of the three bottles are now consistent.

4. All bottle mouths are open

With all the bottle mouths open, the liquid heights of the three bottles remain the same. At this time, no matter from which bottle mouth the liquid is injected, the liquid will flow evenly to the other two connected bottles, and finally the pages of the three bottles will be kept the same height.

Since there is invisible air during this process, it needs to occupy a certain space in the sealed bottle. If you ignore its existence, the whole video looks very strange.

To watch the full video, you can go to the watermelon video to watch: Headline: There are always physical phenomena that will subvert your imagination .