There are big factories in Wuhan all around, oh, let’s get an offer!

Written in front:
While actively preparing for the big factory, we should also pay attention to some of the actual interview situation and difficulty of the big factory, and feel the atmosphere of the big factory. The series of articles are continuously updated. Partners with good interview questions can also privately write to the blogger. We work together! Of course, please correct me if there is anything inappropriate in the article!

A small partner shared with me the content of his all around Wuhan Dachang. The following are the interview questions he reviewed, not much to say!

Brief summary:

1. The interview questions ask a wide range of points, and there are many aspects involved.

2. The points of the surface are nothing more than the following:

  • Microservice
  • Performance optimization
  • Concurrent
  • Container, frame
  • JVM tuning
  • Source code analysis

3. Personal experience (you can see that personal experience is still more important)


First face (hr face)

Introduce past work experience

Briefly describe your own shining points

Career development planning

Way of learning

What problems have been encountered in the team and how to solve them

Two sides (technical side)

Self introduction

Give a general introduction to the project done by a company recently

What are the difficulties encountered in the development process and how to solve them

Briefly describe the architecture and deployment plan of the project that I feel most challenging in my career. Tell me about the understanding of the ioc and aop in the spring source code.

Understanding of concurrent programming

Understanding of the underlying source code of threadlocal

Have you done mysql optimization during the development process, if you have some, describe how many mysql storage engines you know about and their advantages and disadvantages?

Have you ever used redis, application scenarios, redis persistence

If there is insufficient concurrency for an interface, how to optimize it, and describe your plan

Have you ever used a microservice framework, if so, briefly describe your understanding of microservices

If there is a mature project and you will lead the team to split the microservices, what would you do?

I don’t understand container technology

How to solve distributed things in the microservice architecture How to solve jvm tuning

Three sides (technical side)

Self introduction

Which is the most challenging project I have done, what are the qps and tps, and how to do it

What are the best technologies? Introduce the underlying implementation principles of these technologies

Introduce which locks you know and in which application scenarios are used

Introduce the containers in iava and their advantages and disadvantages (focus on map) the difference between generics and objects

Which design patterns and application scenarios have been used

Explain the underlying principle of springmvc

Explain the automatic configuration of springboot

If you have just taken over a project team, how do you take over this team as quickly as possible, and understand the project’s business understanding of microservices

Four sides (hrbp)

Talk about salary, how to manage the progress of agile development when leading the team before

What is the biggest problem encountered in the management process and how to solve it

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Dachang’s interviews always attract attention, and only learning with a goal can achieve the ultimate goal!

The series of articles will continue to be updated, and I hope you can support me and correct the comments!

A true master always has the heart of an apprentice, come on!