Three sides of JD technology + HR side, successfully got 30K offer and worked on

Three sides of Jingdong + HR:

one side:

Reason for leaving;

The use and principle of Zookeeper in the project;

Introduction to some components of Springcloud;

Redis implementation method:

Why use setnx, or what is the difference between set and setNx

The system sets a value at 10:05 and gives an expiration time of 5 minutes. The redis cluster crashes just after the system is set, and the system restarts successfully at 10:11, then does the set value in redis still exist?

How to create multiple threads

What is the relationship between the number of server CPUs and the number of thread pools?

Talk about Mysql's sql optimization

What do you think of your skills?

Two sides:

Is Mysql a cluster or a single node; what is the approximate amount of data in the largest table? 3000w-4000w;

Does the MySQL master-slave configuration do it by the DBA or do it by yourself? The principle of the mysql master-slave synchronization mechanism? What are the main modes of mysql master-slave replication?

Redis persistence methods: rdb, aof; which version of redis can be used for distributed use;

Nginx usage scenarios;

What is Spark mainly used for?

Do you know the front-end: Does JavaScript have the concept of closures?

Reason for leaving?

Three aspects of technology:

Dubbo timeout retry; Dubbo timeout time setting

How to ensure the order of request execution

Distributed things and distributed locks (don’t show negative numbers for deductions)

Distributed session settings

Perform an operation, the first 50 times succeeded, the 51st failed a rollback all b the first 50 times submitted the 51st exception thrown, how to set up Spring in ab scenarios (propagation)

What are the uses of Zookeeper

JVM memory model

Database split vertically and horizontally

How to pagination in MyBatis; how to set cache; MySQL pagination

Are you familiar with IO? The difference with NIO, the difference between blocking and non-blocking

Distributed session consistency

The idempotent design of the distributed interface "cannot be deducted repeatedly"

HR face

Miss R is very beautiful

HR Miss Sister is really beautiful

The questions are quite normal, and I didn’t even ask me to tell a cold joke-

What system is in charge

Why should I be independent

Are there any other offers on hand

offer salary

Where do people plan to develop in the future? Whether to accept pre-employment internship

Whether to accept 996 (then later I learned that our department is not 996)


Arrive as early as possible for the interview. If you can interview earlier, the interviewer is more willing to pass you (just like the good voice of China, it turns around like crazy at the beginning). Mobilize your humorous cells during the interview and try to make the interview atmosphere a little more pleasant, so that the interviewer will remember you more deeply.

When you say your strengths, you must supplement it with evidence, otherwise the interviewer will just be whispering

Don’t forcefully answer the questions that don’t. Be careful of pitfalls. You can say something like: “I’m sorry I don’t know this question, but if I design it, I will...”

The interview is actually a two-way choice. The interviewer is evaluating your performance. At the same time, since the interviewer also represents the company, his quality and questions are also aspects you should evaluate, so don't be nervous.

Use the curtain to go through the knowledge you have summarized before each interview. I wrote notes of tens of thousands of words on the screen, and I took it out every time I interviewed, so I can basically answer the basic questions in the interview.

Interview brushing notes

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