Ubuntu zero-based teaching-how to create a .txt notepad file under Ubuntu

Environment: Ubuntu20.04
After installing ubuntu20.04, I found that there is no new blank file in the right-click menu, so it is not very convenient to create a text file when working; then, based on this, we can add the new blank file to the right-click in the following way!
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#1. In the Ubutnu system, right-click the desktop and you will find that there is no option to create a text file.

#2, first enter the template

#3. Double-click the template to enter; you will find that it is empty;

#4, then right-click to open the terminal and enter the following command

sudo gedit txt文档

#5. Now you try again, the new document will appear after right-clicking!

#6. Try to create a text using a txt file; save it and open it again, the content is neither messy nor lost, OK! problem solved.

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