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Text | Cai Zhongmou

In March 2018, the Hong Kong and Macao batches of the overseas IT system of Bank of China were successfully launched. After completing the core project, the Macau branch has vigorously developed various businesses, and the whole bank has an urgent desire to strengthen the construction and application of big data. The difficulty is that the head office system is a globally unified version, which is often large and complete. The data structure is complex and the data volume is expanded, which brings challenges to the back-line analysis. In particular, traditional transactional databases generally use row storage. When dealing with a large number of fields and multiple records, it is often necessary to rely on precise tuning, that is, indexing to improve performance. The operation and maintenance pressure is great. We urgently need a new data platform engine with strong performance and low operation and maintenance to support. After a survey at the end of 2018, it was found that the two MPP analytical databases GBase and GP are being used by brothers, and the effect is also good, and we understand that the head office has purchased the copyright of GBase in a unified manner. We have the mentality of supporting domestic products in 2019. In the year, he initiated the GBase big data platform project, cluster scheme design, project bidding, network equipment procurement, physical server procurement, cluster installation, ETL development, and I have been busy all the way. At that time, the United States was preparing to sanction Huawei. We were also worried that the purchased Huawei x86 servers would not be available, but we also firmly supported the country's determination to master core technologies.

After GBase was announced to be put into production in March last year, because of its strong query and loading performance, it immediately began to play its value. In more than a year, the usage scenarios have gradually become clear, standardized, and rich. It is currently mainly used for SmartBI, Tableau, free query, and The data backend of some data analysis application systems. After the usage increased, some minor product-level problems were also discovered, and two minor version upgrades were made. Through our special usage scenarios, we helped manufacturers to polish their products. This is also our original intention to introduce GBase. In general, we believe that the GBase 8a MPP Cluster product is relatively mature, stable in operation, and less pressure on operation and maintenance, and the monitoring tool GBase Monitor is getting better and better. It is very important that the technical personnel of our manufacturers, like the current colleague Zhang Jingshan, are professional, responsible, and practical. Of course, they are also inseparable from the support of the development team behind him. This is the magic needle of our operation and maintenance work. Worries. Our mentality is to make the best use of this product, and to report problems to the manufacturer in time.

Through daily operation and maintenance, we have become more familiar with the product GBase 8a MPP Cluster. Many of our integrated supplier Wangao went to the headquarters in Tianjin to take the "GBase 8a Database Management Engineer Certification" early. Our colleagues in the industry were not far behind. Four people participated in the "GBase Certification May Learning Camp" this year. "After about one month of training and examinations, they finally obtained certificates. This training is remote and very convenient. Not only is the training free, but it also provides a cloud server for students to practice. The core is that the knowledge points in the video are very meticulous. The teacher is also very patient and timely in answering questions in the group, and we It is to learn with questions, to solve puzzles, and to be more targeted. For example, this lesson for the client allows us to correct the original inaccurate usage. We are also preparing to apply for advanced certification courses.

We are confident in the development prospects of GBase, and hope that GBase will continue to maintain its original intention of doing a good job of domestic databases, increase research and development efforts, and create domestically produced products.