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VS code that can be used for C/C++ language development
VSCode necessary plug-ins-C/C++ development
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Auto save

Lower left corner ->settings -> search "auto save"


Use toolbox to manage downloads.
clion convulsions, mysql/mysql.hnot found, appeared once


Adding dependencies to the mysql project is mainly the following two sentences, there are other methods I haven't tried.

set(lib_name mysqlclient)
target_link_libraries(demo1 ${lib_name})

httpd Apache2

configuration apache
sudo apt-get install httpd

> sudo apt-get install httpd
Reading package lists... Done
Building dependency tree       
Reading state information... Done
Package httpd is a virtual package provided by:
  apache2 2.4.29-1ubuntu4.15
  lighttpd 1.4.45-1ubuntu3.18.04
  yaws 2.0.4+dfsg-2ubuntu0.1
  nginx-light 1.14.0-0ubuntu1.9
  nginx-full 1.14.0-0ubuntu1.9
  nginx-extras 1.14.0-0ubuntu1.9
  nginx-core 1.14.0-0ubuntu1.9
  webfs 1.21+ds1-12
  tntnet 2.2.1-3build1
  mini-httpd 1.23-1.2build1
  micro-httpd 20051212-15.1
  ebhttpd 1:1.0.dfsg.1-4.3build1
  aolserver4-daemon 4.5.1-18.1
  aolserver4-core 4.5.1-18.1
You should explicitly select one to install.

我输入了 sudo apt-get install apache2
查看是否安装成功 sudo systemctl status apache2
访问 http://localhost/

Refer to
Ubuntu16.04 to install httpd


  • mv
    mv phpMyAdmin-5.0.1-all-languages/ /var/www/phpmyadmin

The content in phpMyAdmin-5.0.1-all-languages ​​is moved to /var/www/phpmyadmin

  • cp