What a miserable man! I was unemployed after graduation. I switched from sales to software testing at the age of 23. I was lucky to look back on this road!

After graduation, I worked in sales for 2 months, and spent half a year thinking about and planning my life after leaving the job.

Time tells me that the original choice was right. I graduated for 2 years and now I am the deputy manager of the science and technology department.

In the summer of 17 years, I graduated from university. Like many graduates, I first got a job and then chose a career. I became a financial credit salesman.

Looking back on this job now, it is a bitter tear.

Like many sales, we have to run business outside. It was July, the hottest time of the year.

Every morning, I go out to pull customers and ask them if they want a loan or a mortgage. Sometimes I ran for a whole day, and the clothes got wet and wet, but I didn't get a single order, and I sometimes got blindfolded.

In this way, I ran for 2 months, and I couldn't bear this kind of wandering life. I felt that my future was bleak, so I left my job. The biggest gain during that time was that I got tanned!

After leaving the job, I didn't look for a job right away. I took a break at home for about half a year. Sometimes I would go on a trip, but more often I was thinking about the future and thinking about my future path.

My major is software engineering, which is a popular IT major.

But I haven't studied seriously in four years of university, and my professional knowledge is not strong. If I do front-end or operation and maintenance, I am very unfamiliar with those two directions, and it takes a lot of time to learn.

As the Chinese New Year was approaching, the idea of ​​whether to do software testing popped up in my mind.

I have learned about this industry before, and the threshold for software testing is not high for development, so I immediately searched for relevant information on the Internet.

It took half a year to make this decision, but it took me only 4 months to change my career.

I chose a training institution like my friends who are very good at software testing.

At that time, I thought, if the institution is not reliable, I won't pay the tuition.

After the class starts, there are some conceptual things at the beginning, and there is no big problem in remembering and understanding.

But as the course gradually deepens, when it comes to the deployment of the database and environment, I gradually feel the difficulty, and the time spent on reviewing has become more and more every day.

When I encounter something I don’t understand, I will check the information online first. If I really don’t understand, I will ask the teacher. It is bound to understand the difficult points.
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In order to complete the database homework, the study time of the crash course was only 45 days. When I learned later, I became anxious and worried that I could not find a job after graduating from here.

But when I think that I can't keep on studying after signing up, what kind of job can I do? Thinking of this is full of perseverance.

Four months passed quickly. I hadn't consolidated my knowledge and set foot on the train to Shenzhen alone, and started the first interview in my testing career.

It's uncomfortable, it failed!

During the interview, I was confused. The interviewer asked me what the tuple was, how the interface initiated the request, etc. I couldn’t answer any of them. Although the teacher had said it, I was completely blank when I was nervous, thinking about everything. Can't get up, just froze there.

After a few days of careful preparation, the second interview came.

The interview was quite successful, and the teachers asked all the questions: the basic concepts of software testing, the details of the work, these I learned by heart in the mock interview.

I successfully got the 8K offer and started my testing career.

Half a year later, with the mentality of improving myself, I signed up for Python automation. The difficulty of automation has increased a lot in an instant. I have to review carefully every day, and I will not be able to keep up with class if I am lazy.

Unlike others, I don’t stay up late to code and watch video review. I like to do these things in the morning. The morning is when the memory is very good. If you remember, it is hard to forget.

When I learned the understanding of classes and objects, I was stumped and completely puzzled. The inheritance, attributes, parent classes and subclasses, and method calls inside made me feel a headache.

No way, get up early in the morning to study, watch videos, and check information online. If you still don’t understand, ask the teacher. I don’t think you should go to the teacher whenever you encounter a problem, so you won’t remember how to solve the problem. You will be impressed only if you have researched it by yourself, and you will do it next time you encounter it, and you can draw inferences from one another.

At the beginning of this year, after graduating from the automation class, I quit, and my salary in Zhuhai reached 15K.

I interviewed 4 companies and received 3 offers. During the interview, I was more confident than when I graduated from the previous crash course.

Whether the interviewer asked me how to design test cases or how to deal with the interaction between interfaces, I answered perfectly because I fully understood the framework I wrote, how to build it, and what technology or language was used. , What kind of effect can be achieved.

(Offer received) Zhuhai 15K

Now I am an automated test engineer. In the past two years, I am going to solidify the basic Python skills, enhance business capabilities and testing skills, and comprehensively improve my skills and literacy.

In the future, if nothing else, it will develop in the direction of test management.

Meager force

As an automated software tester, next I want to share some of my generalizations and summaries of technology over the years, and share my notes on those skills that I need to master as a senior tester. I hope it will help me to be interested in technology. Friends who walked all the way down the road!

Let me share this 2021, which may be the most complete knowledge architecture system diagram of the development direction of software test engineers.

2. Shell scripts
Master shell scripts, including shell basics and applications, shell logic control, shell logic functions, etc.

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3. Principles of Internet Programs The
only way to automate: basic knowledge of front-end development and essential knowledge of Internet networks.

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Fourth, Mysql database
Software test engineers must have knowledge of Mysql database, not just staying at the basic "addition, deletion, modification, and checking".

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Five, packet capture tools
Fiddler, Wireshark, Sniffer, Tcpdump various packet capture tools are suitable for various projects, there is always one suitable for you.

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6. Interface testing tool
Interface testing artifact, a powerful tool you can’t avoid: Jmeter. Small and flexible: Postman.

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7. Web automation test Java&Pyhton
understands the purpose of automation, and is proficient in the testng&unittest automation framework, as well as assertion and log processing.

å¨è¿  éæå¥å¾çæè¿  °

8. Interface and mobile phone automation
Professional interface call and test solutions. Build a complete web and interface automation framework, and Appium uses it as a whole.

å¨è¿  éæå¥å¾çæè¿  °

Nine, agile testing & TestOps construction
Uncover the mystery of TestOps, the continuous integration of Jenkins framework is very familiar.

å¨è¿  éæå¥å¾çæè¿  °

10. Performance testing & safety testing
The other side of software testing: performance testing and safety testing, choose the right direction, and work hard to climb the pit!

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The above is a diagram of the knowledge architecture system for the development direction of software test engineers that I have compiled for everyone. I hope everyone can follow this system to complete the construction of such a system in 3-4 months. It can be said that this process will make you unhappy, but as long as you get through it. Life will be much easier in the future. As the saying goes, everything is difficult at the beginning. As long as you take the first step, you will be halfway there. When you are finished and look back on this journey, you will definitely feel a lot of emotion.

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These data, for software testing [do] a friend who should be the most comprehensive and complete preparation for the warehouse, the warehouse also accompanied me through the most difficult journey, we hope to help to you! Everything has to be done as early as possible, especially in the technology industry, we must improve our technical skills.

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