What has been updated in Swagger 3 compared to Swagger 2, and what optimizations have been made? Swagger 3 interpretation

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What has been updated in Swagger 3 compared to Swagger 2, and what optimizations have been made? Swagger 3 interpretation


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Portal Swagger official website address

Process Support OpenApi

OpenApi It is a description format of REST API, which describes the document interface through established specifications. It is the real API document standard in the industry and can be described through YAML or JSON

OpenAPI Specification (formerly Swagger Specification) is an API description format for REST APIs. An OpenAPI file allows you to describe your entire API, including:

Available endpoints (/users) and operations on each endpoint (GET /users, POST /users)
Operation parameters Input and output for each operation
Authentication methods
Contact information, license, terms of use and other information.
API specifications can be written in YAML or JSON. The format is easy to learn and readable to both humans and machines. The complete OpenAPI Specification can be found on GitHub: OpenAPI 3.0 Specification

For details, please refer to OpenAPI Specification

Process Provide a more convenient form of dependency

The Swagger 3 version only needs a starter dependency to complete the introduction


Before Swagger 3 version, you need two


In addition, like other starters in Spring Boot, springfox-boot-starter relies on zero configuration
and automatic configuration support. In other words, if you have no other special requirements, just add a dependency, and the interface documentation will be automatically generated

Process Change of interface address

The interface address of the Swagger 3 version is

Document interface address: http://localhost:8080/v3/api-docs
document page address:http://localhost:8080/swagger-ui/index.html

The interface address before Swagger 3 version is

Document interface address: http://localhost:8080/v2/api-docs
document page address:http://localhost:8080/swagger-ui.html

The interface address between the versions is not compatible, access to the old address will 404

Process Annotation changes

The old annotations before the Swagger 3 version can continue to be used, and some additional annotations have been added

@EnableOpenApiInstead of before @EnableSwagger2
, but this may not add annotation, because Swagger 3 were automatically configured, the following code can be seen particularly

@Retention(value = java.lang.annotation.RetentionPolicy.RUNTIME)
@Target(value = {java.lang.annotation.ElementType.TYPE})
public @interface EnableOpenApi {
@ConditionalOnProperty(value = "springfox.documentation.enabled", havingValue = "true", matchIfMissing = true)
@AutoConfigureAfter({ WebMvcAutoConfiguration.class, JacksonAutoConfiguration.class,
    HttpMessageConvertersAutoConfiguration.class, RepositoryRestMvcAutoConfiguration.class })
public class OpenApiAutoConfiguration {


Note that OpenApiDocumentationConfigurationboth positions are imported

We can springfox.documentation.enabled=falseturn off Swagger 3

Process Docket changes

Swagger 3 version needs to set the document information type to OAS_3, before Swagger 3 version it isSWAGGER_2


Reference Resources Swagger documentation

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