What is the normal salary for software testing for more than one year?

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In the software testing industry, I have seen functional testing at the elementary level after five years of work, with a salary of less than 1W, and I have also seen a student who has reached the advanced level of automation in one year! With a salary of 25K.

There are two things that affect your salary!

1. Your technical level directly determines your salary. The length of working hours does not directly affect your income. It can only be said that your working hours are short and the project experience is not rich enough! But the salary can still be high!
2. Your city will have a certain impact on salary. First of all, the salary in the first-tier cities is definitely higher than that in the second- and third-tier cities. After all, the cost of living is also high, but it is almost the same!

Because I am in Beijing, I am very clear about the market in Beijing. I do most of the tests for about one year for beginners and most of the functional tests. The salary is 7-12K, which is reasonable. 6-10K is reasonable in second-tier cities, and 5-7K in third-tier cities. Is reasonable

But you have to believe my words, it is definitely not time that determines your income! It is that in the same time, how much more you pay than others, there will be a relative return~ If you are already engaged in the position of software testing engineer! Then I sincerely recommend that you never do functional testing for more than 2 years, otherwise your future development will become very slow! Be sure to learn and improve in the first few years! Performance, automation, interface, database, java/python language, protocol, linux, security testing, etc. Only learning is the king of high salaries!

As a tester, I want to share some of my generalizations and summaries of technology over the years, and share my notes on those skills that I need to master as an advanced automated tester, hoping to help me on the road of technology. Friends who walked all the way to black!

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1. Test basis

Understand the basic skills of testing, master the use of mainstream defect management tools, and be proficient in the operation and maintenance of the test environment

Two, Linux essential knowledge

As the most popular software environment system, Linux must be mastered. The current recruitment requirements all require Linux ability.

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Three, Shell script

Master Shell scripts: including Shell basics and applications, Shell logic control, Shell logic functions

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4. Principles of Internet Programs

The only way for automation: basic knowledge of front-end development and essential knowledge of Internet network 4. Principles of Internet programs

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Five, MySQL database

The software test engineer must have MySQL database knowledge, not just the basic "addition, deletion, modification, and check".

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Six, packet capture tool

Fiddler, Wireshark, Sniffer, Tcpdump various packet capture tools are suitable for various projects, there is always one suitable for you

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Seven, interface testing tools

Interface testing artifact, a powerful tool you can't avoid: Jmeter. Small and flexible: Postman

8. Web automated testing Java&Python

Understand the purpose of automation, and be proficient in the TestNG&unittest automation framework, as well as assertion and log processing

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Nine, interface and mobile terminal automation

Professional interface call and test solutions. Build a complete web and interface automation framework, Appium uses as a whole

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10. Agile testing & TestOps construction

Uncover the mystery of TestOps, the continuous integration of the Jenkins framework is familiar with it

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11. Performance test & safety test

The other side of software testing: performance testing and security testing, choose a direction and work hard to climb the pit!

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Learning software testing is a long way, but there is never a shortage of people who have returned from their studies along the way. Next, let us continue to work steadily step by step, continue to work hard, come on, friends!

to sum up

There is no comfortable progress in the world. No matter how we define success, whether we get a promotion or get an offer, the road to growth is painful, but in the end we still have painstaking efforts and we are able to turn to Huawei as we wish. If you stick to it, then you will surely make your girlfriend cry in the BMW car, and you will be able to "easily" ask for a meal!

After reading this content, I believe the following two things will also help your personal improvement:

1. Like it, so that more people can read this article, and your recognition will encourage me to create more high-quality content.

2. Make yourself stronger: Think about it, if you want to continue in the testing industry, your experience and functional testing skills are far from enough. You need to be advanced and you need to keep enriching your technology stack. ! What are you waiting for!

Finally: [Tutorials and full-stack routes that may help you]

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This information should be the most comprehensive and complete preparation warehouse for friends who are doing [software testing]. This warehouse has also accompanied me through the most difficult journey, and I hope it can help you too! Everything has to be done as early as possible, especially in the technology industry, we must improve our technical skills.

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