What should I do if I fail the college entrance examination? Please keep your eyes open

In the current social situation, Java technology is a popular profession in the current society. Both the PC and mobile terminals have the most demand for Java. College students’ learning Java is just in line with the development of the times. Not only is there a wealth and a future, but Java is also Suitable for people with zero foundation to learn.

Recently I saw a sentence that I don’t work hard in the college entrance examination, learn Java to be a brother, and it’s quite surprising. I think it’s still a sentence that failed in the college entrance examination. It’s not a failure in life. Those who work hard will surely receive a reward.

Therefore, it is possible for college students to learn Java with zero foundation, and it is a good choice

Of course, it is best if you can learn Java systematically during college, but this is not to say that it is too late to learn Java development after graduation. After graduation, learning Java development mainly involves time arrangements. Learning Java requires continuous and sufficient time guarantee, because learning Java requires a process. If you have the guarantee of time and a relatively complete study plan, mastering Java programming is not a problem. What a complicated thing.

After graduating from university, learning Java should pay attention to efficiency, because it is not like having enough time in school, so the pace of learning should be accelerated. If conditions permit, you can participate in a professional training, which can save a lot of exploration time in the early learning. If you don't have the conditions, you can find some introductory videos on the Internet to watch them, and do experiments while watching the videos. Pay attention to more hands-on operations, because the programming language is a tool after all, and you can become familiar with it when you use it more.

After learning the basic grammar, do a comprehensive experiment, and then find a project team to participate in the internship as soon as possible (if there is no internship unit for a while, do a comprehensive experiment while continuing to look for it. Once you have some experience, you can directly apply for the junior level. programmer). Internships are more important for programmers. There is still a big difference between experiments in books and real projects. The details considered are more abundant, and the experience learned in practice is very precious.

The most important thing to recognize yourself is [to know what you want]. This is the first and most important step. Because it relates to whether you can choose the right learning direction and whether you can settle down and learn

At present, the outlook for Java is generally very good. In fact, there is no saturation state, but what is the reason why we often hear this?

The main reason is that China’s IT industry is developing rapidly. Under such a big environment, companies have higher requirements for Java programmers. Many junior programmers are eliminated by the cruel laws of natural selection, leaving more Intermediate and senior Java programmers, this explanation will understand why some people always say that the Java market is saturated! So if you choose Java and want to go on for a long time, then study hard and grow into a better Java programmer in order to gain a foothold in the enterprise!

Whether Java learning is efficient is very important! After all, everyone wants to learn to become the "most powerful" programmer in the shortest possible time, but what should we really do?
Everything is difficult at the beginning, but after the initial difficulties are passed, everything else is easy to say!

1. Goals and directions

First recognize yourself, think about what you want, and set a goal and learning direction for yourself! This is the first and very important step.

In this process, you will think about the work to be done in the future, goals and directions, so as to clarify your career plan. Before learning Java, consider whether you are suitable for learning Java, or you can test yourself by testing

2. It's important to take notes

In the learning process, taking notes is very important. As the saying goes: "A good memory is not as good as a bad pen". The important and difficult points learned, and the easy-to-use code that can be reused. Record the contents of the notes directly on the computer. Or when you want to use the code, you can use the shortcut key directly!

3. Keep learning new things

The times are changing too fast, and you can compare you with a little carelessness~ The world of programmers does not understand that learning new technologies is regressing, and what is waiting for you is to be eliminated!

4. Look at the excellent source code more

Always be curious about learning. When faced with a thing, I want to see what its source code looks like. The more I see, the more I know.

5. Look at the excellent code more and strengthen the practice

Real knowledge is gained from practice. In the process of learning, look at the excellent code written by the teacher and the good code written in the book. Practice, practice, and practice again.

The theoretical study of Java must be combined with the practical study of Java, and then you need to consciously find the corresponding Java project to practice it yourself. It is difficult to learn the oil control theory into Java. Only by learning and practicing can you deepen the knowledge in your mind from the hands. impression.

6. Develop a good habit of taking notes and summarizing

As the saying goes, good memory is not as good as bad writing. Record the knowledge, key and difficult points you have learned, and then write your own knowledge and experience in the form of blogs/articles with like-minded friends through various technical websites Sharing discussion is also one of the ways to learn efficiently!

Factors affecting learning

Mindset is very important

It is indeed very important to have a healthy and peaceful attitude in the learning process, because you will always encounter various difficulties in the process of learning Java. In addition to the various "difficulties" in learning, the setbacks directly affect your learning. Mentality issues, if

Ideas are also in continuous learning, from tempering to maturity, and technology is also being developed in continuous creation!

  1. Always hold a humble attitude, realize that there are outsiders and there are outsiders, and keep humbly asking and discussing with those who are good at learning.

Arrange study time

The plan may not keep up with the changes, maybe something happened today that caused the learning task to not be completed. It is normal to encounter this situation, but you must not have this idea: I have been delayed by one day today, then I will take another day off tomorrow Right! If you do this, it is possible to continue three days of fishing and two days of netting. Inertia will be contagious, and will gradually be abandoned halfway. Even if you don’t, your learning efficiency will get worse and worse.

Here are some current Java learning routes

Who is the peak at the end of the code, the bald head becomes empty. The road to programming comprehension is broken, and one step at a time, it soars.

As we all know, there are eight realms of comprehension in Java programming:

  1. Javase-Practicing Qi and Building the Foundation
  2. Database-knot Dan
  3. web front end-Yuanying
  4. Javaweb-God
  5. Javaweb project-Lianxu
  6. Popular frame-fit
  7. Distributed Micro Service-Mahayana
  8. Architect-Soaring

The first part: JavaSE-Practicing Qi and Building the Foundation

Java SE can be roughly divided into the following sections:

n Introduction to Objects: How to use object-oriented thinking to develop

n In-depth JVM: Java operating mechanism and JVM principle

n Object-oriented features: encapsulation, inheritance, abstraction, polymorphism

n Arrays and containers: thread safety issues of containers

n I/O and NIO: NIO working principle and application

n Concurrent programming: concurrent package

n Network programming: TCP/IP+BIO/NIO UDP/IP+BIO/NIO

n JDBC framework and reflection: JNDI, connection pool, annotation, etc.

n Others: regular expressions, strings, etc.

This stage is where the essence lies, practice qi to transform essence, wash hair and cut the marrow, and build the foundation by programming. Only by mastering the most basic and core set of libraries in the Java language can the road go smoothly.
What needs to be practiced at this stage:
Java development environment construction, Java basic grammar, object-oriented, arrays, exceptions, collections, threads, IO streams, reflection mechanisms, annotations, network programming, etc.

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Part Two: Database-Pill Formation, Yuan Ying, Huashen

Xiuxian starts with endless resources , my world is all data

Get a database-related course, such as: MySQL, Oracle, just get one. At present, Internet companies, for example,

Such as: Jingdong, Ali, etc., they are all using MySQL, so it is recommended that you learn MySQL database, which is small and light, free of charge,

Due to the relatively large amount of project visits of Internet companies, database clusters are generally built, and one database may not be enough, so

Need to build a database cluster in order to cope with high concurrency.

As long as you learn programming, database must be learned. This is a public subject and programmers of all programming languages ​​need to learn. It needs to be said here that each learning node after se does not have to be learned in this order. It is also okay to learn the web first and then learn the data. Therefore, these three stages and three realms are considered as one talk, but perhaps step by step learning will know Constantly consolidating and deepening, it is as if a monk has tempered himself into a golden pill, transformed into an infant and then transformed into a god.

  • There are many database products: MySQL, Oracle, SqlServer, DB2 and *Java language link database JDBC and so on.

An interesting phenomenon is that once Oracle is uninstalled for the second time, it cannot be installed again, unless you delete all the relevant registry, and that number of registry looks numb. This is a bit like seizing the house and can only be launched once. .

The third part: WEB front-end-Jie Dan, Yuan Ying, Hua Shen

Engaged in Java development, engaged in JavaEE development, the main development system structure is B/S structure, B refers to Browser, S refers to

It is Server. To develop this kind of system, the B-side must be familiar, and the S-side must be proficient. The learning of the WEB front-end is to learn the B-side technology. package

Including: HTML, CSS, JavaScript (JS), jQuery framework

The system structure includes: B/S【Browser/Server】 C/S【Client/Server】

WEB means website. The WEB front end is: the page in the website.

The WEB front-end program runs in the browser.

HTML5 + CSS3 + JavaScript(JS)

There are also many frameworks for the WEB front-end: jQuery, Bootstrap, Vue, NodeJS, AugularJS, RectJS, LayUI, EasyUI...

The fourth part: JavaWEB-Jie Dan, Yuan Ying, Hua Shen



AJAX (a part of JavaScript syntax, dedicated to partial refresh of the page)

Part Five: JavaWEB Project-Lianxu

The web backend can actually be many different programming languages, such as: PHP, C, C++, Java, they can all be web

For the development of the back-end, since we have chosen the more popular Java, the back-end we learned must be based on the Java language.

Including: Servlet, Filter. Jsp, EL, JSTL, MVC architecture pattern, database connection pool (Alibaba's Druid connection

Pool), proxy mode (dynamic proxy)

So far, it means that the basic/basic technology of Java has been learned. However, these most basic technologies are not in actual development.

Will use it, generally for development efficiency, will use a large number of pre-packaged frameworks.

This project is best based on: Servlet + Jsp+ AJAX+ jQuery+ MySQL...

Make a B/S structured project, and do an integration exercise for the front end of the WEB and the content of JavaWEB.

At this stage, you can go down the mountain and join the WTO, because you can do all the systems so far. However, the technology used is very low, and there is no framework, but the basic content of pure ecology is used. For example, the true qi held by the cultivating cultivator is still mixed and untrue, and needs to be removed from the false and the true.

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With the support of the framework, it is easier to practice with less effort, and your understanding of the world of programming is further deepened. This stage can be described as entering the room!

Maven (specially for Jar package management.)

Spring (the big steward of the project, a framework for managing the entire project)

SpringMVC (can be understood as a framework corresponding to Servlet.)

MyBatis (can be understood as a framework corresponding to JDBC.)

Insert picture description here

The distributed system technology stack involves related technologies:

  • Industry microservice technology stack
  • Service call
  • Service container
  • Registration discovery
  • Configuration Center
  • message queue
  • DevOps
  • Global control
  • Gateway
  • storage
  • warehouse
  • artificial intelligence
  • Stream computing
  • Delayed task
  • Distributed system coordination
  • Cluster management
  • Deploy the container
  • monitor
  • Downgrade, fusing
  • Elastic scaling
  • Big Data
  • Service governance
  • Task scheduling
  • Consensus algorithm
  • Responsible for balance
  • Some architectural solutions

These well-learned interview highlights, employment soaring to the single-plank bridge, can deal with the "catastrophe" by this means.

The eighth part of the architect-soaring

So far, the realm can be called a programming fairy, and it is rare that people can soar to this level after all kinds of setbacks. Worshiped by monks without digital farming. I control my own life! ! ! !
The following training resources can not only strengthen your skills, but also continuously improve yourself in actual combat. They are actually necessary for high-end advancement, promotion and salary increase!

Spiritual resources

Even if you practice diligently on the road of seeking the Tao, it is a pity that you don't have any training resources, and your cultivation progress is slow. Peers of the same age have long become peerless arrogances

For this reason, I have prepared the practice materials for all Taoists in Java and distributed them in two forms. These two forms are the video source download area and the online teaching area. Programming jade slips are convenient for you to directly print and download, and online croupiers are available for you to practice online and exchange your practice experience.

Video source code download area

Java environment construction and installation

Java zero-based introductory video tutorial full set of free download

JDK14 new feature video tutorial full set of free download

IntelliJ IDEA video tutorial full set of free download

Java data structure and algorithm video tutorial full set of free download

A full set of Java multi-threaded video tutorials for free download

Online croupier teaching area

Start learning Java! The development tools you must have! 2021 Java integrated development tool IDEA reference video tutorial collection

J2SE introductory String deep analysis allows you to directly convince the selected collection of BAT interview

Do you know the database behind the double eleven high concurrency scene? , Worked hard to build a database that can hold it

Java big cow takes you from 0 to online to develop enterprise-level e-commerce projects

Painstakingly study the construction of JAVA high-concurrency spike system-high-concurrency optimization-high-performance and high-concurrency combat

Implement RESTful service security authentication-Spring Security analysis (Alibaba Cloud)-Spring Security Oauth2 source code analysis

We can't do without algorithm in Java. Fortune-telling is a small skill for us, and all kinds of magical powers are small skills.

Here we give you a set of innate algorithms

Data structure and algorithm + Douyin's latest interview questions pass through BAT's algorithm detailed explanation with program source code

I want to cultivate the power of immortality, I hope everyone counts people, counts, and counts things.

This Java video tutorial explains the various difficulties encountered on the road of seeking immortals and asking the Tao. Taoism is originally going against the sky, and people of our generation who cultivate immortals should always be alert to themselves. Every knowledge point on the way of learning is explained very delicately, and the Levinhoek teaching is from the shallower to the deeper.

Whether college students have a way out of learning java depends on how you learn and what level you have learned.

Many computer majors waited for four years to die. After they came out, they couldn’t find any good jobs for programmers. This kind of work abounds, but they don’t come from a major, self-taught or go to IT training courses. Few, so this is not a general question at all.

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