Windows 2016 server install SQL Server2019


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Deployment and configuration

After the installation is complete, begin to configure the database.

Configure username

Normally, sql authentication login is required, so we need to configure sa login.

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Modify password

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modify server properties

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Configure remote connection

After completing sa login, you need to configure remote login.

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Configure firewall

netsh advfirewall firewall add rule name = SQLPort dir = in protocol = tcp action = allow localport = 1433 remoteip = localsubnet profile = DOMAIN

Create database

If there is an error, as follows

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Execute sql

use master  --选择数据库
select spid from master.sys.sysprocesses where dbid = db_id('model');

use master  --选择数据库
declare @sql varchar(100) 
while 1=1 
  select top 1 @sql = 'kill '+cast(spid as varchar(3)) 
  from master..sysprocesses where spid > 50 and spid <> @@spid and  dbid = db_id('model')
  if @@rowcount = 0 
    break ;
  print(@sql)   --打印杀掉进程语句
  exec(@sql)    --执行杀掉进程语句

database backup

The database is backed up to the server disk. Note: it cannot be backed up locally (if you are connected remotely)

Database restore

Restore after obtaining the backup database package

Need to download the driver (Microsoft® SQL Server® 2012 Native Client-QFE)

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