"Xinchuang" outlet, new opportunities for domestic databases

Since last year, a word in the IT industry has been repeatedly mentioned-"Xin Chuang", which seems to be a hot topic at present and has become a phenomenon-level outlet.

In simple terms, Xinchuang refers to a series of information technology innovations in hardware and software, which can be understood as digital infrastructure, which is the lowest link of new infrastructure, which mainly includes core chips, basic hardware, operating systems, middleware, and data servers. And other fields. The Xinchuang industry is the foundation of data security and network security, as well as an important part of the "new infrastructure", and it will become one of the most important drivers of economic development.

2021 is the beginning year of the "14th Five-Year Plan". As an important starting point for the development goals of the "14th Five-Year Plan", the Xinchuang industry is based on the information technology industry, and through technological innovation, it will build a domestic information technology industry ecosystem. Infrastructure plays a more important role.

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Why is Xinchuang Industry so important? Autonomy, controllability and information security are the key points

From the perspective of the degree of localization of information infrastructure, most of the core information technology products and key services used in important domestic information systems and critical infrastructure rely on foreign countries. International threats and domestic information security incidents continue to occur. The Xinchuang industry solves It is a safety issue, turning the infrastructure into something we can control, research, develop, and produce ourselves.

The future of Xinchuang Industry will be comprehensive security in key areas, realizing all the replacement of software and hardware, and accelerating the localization of government cloud. Taking the current Xinchuang industry as an opportunity, we will fully realize a domestically-made independent security platform with operating systems, chips, databases, application software, etc. as the core. With the application of cloud computing, Internet of Things, AI, and big data, we will continue to promote the development of underlying capabilities. Upgrade, the upper-level business continues to expand, and the industrial margin continues to widen.

Ten billion market, the demand for domestic databases has exploded

The explosive growth of data and the increase in complexity have driven the continued rapid growth of the database market. Database is the software base of the digital economy era. Almost all enterprise-level data, terminal data, and edge device data need to be managed and analyzed by the database management system to enable upper-level applications or corporate decision-making to maximize their value.

According to IDC data, the global data volume in 2020 will reach 40ZB, a year-on-year increase of 22.5%, of which China's total data volume will reach 12ZB, a year-on-year increase of 50%. With the in-depth application of 5G in data-intensive scenarios such as the Internet of Vehicles, intelligent manufacturing, and unlimited medical care, it will drive the continuous rapid growth of global data and data traffic. It is expected that the compound growth rate in the next five years will exceed 28%.

Xinchuang's database market has a large capacity and is in the stage of competition. According to the "White Paper on the Development of China's Credit Innovation Industry", the database market is expected to reach 20 billion yuan in 2020, a year-on-year increase of more than 20%, and the growth rate has shown an increasing trend in recent years. Among them, the scale of relational databases is about 16 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 17.6%, accounting for 80%. The scale of non-relational databases is about 4 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 43.5%, accounting for 20%. Driven by the demand for massive non-organizational data analysis, non-relational databases are growing faster. At this stage, overseas giants still occupy the largest market share in the domestic market, but with the advancement of cloud trends and the progress of localization, the growth space of domestic manufacturers is gradually expanding.

On May 11, 2021, Deben Consulting/eNet Research Institute/Internet Weekly published the "2021 Xinchuang Industry Classification Ranking". The rankings cover the four categories of infrastructure products, basic software, application software, and information security. Create an industry. The basic software is divided into three categories: operating system companies, database companies, and middleware companies.

Among them, a total of 15 companies are ranked on the

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database company rankings: Dameng Database currently ranks first, followed by the other three traditional data vendors Renda Jincang, Nanda General Motors and Shenzhou General Motors. In addition to the database vendors in the above list, Huawei, Alibaba, Tencent and other large companies with strong capital and technical strength have also been sensitively aware of and have begun to deploy. Since 2019, they will continue to push their self-developed databases into the market and carry out vigorous commercial promotion. Accelerated competition in the domestic database market.

According to IDC data, among the traditionally deployed relational database market in China in 2019, Huawei Database ranked fifth with a market share of 6.2%, behind Oracle, Microsoft, IBM, and SAP, and Alibaba with a market share of 5.8%. Ranked sixth. The highly scene-dependent characteristics of database products provide a ray of life for every database product.

2020 is a big year for the Xinchuang industry. In accordance with the advancing pace of the Xinchuang industry from unavailable to usable to useful, in the three years from 2020 to 2022, the Xinchuang industry will enter the stage of ease of use. It will be used in the party, government and military and eight core industries (finance, telecommunications, energy, electricity, medical care, etc.). , Education, transportation, public utilities). A related report pointed out that in 2020, all provinces have carried out large-scale bidding for Xinchuang projects, and related orders will continue to be fulfilled in the next three years, and market space will continue to be released.

Database ecology expands CloudQuery to create optimal solutions

The development strategy of domestic database companies focuses on ecological expansion. The database management system is the bottom product of the data management architecture. The core system architecture of each customer is different, which means that a large number of customized developments are required for different customers. Integrators, secondary developers, and IT consulting companies are all database vendors' ecological partners. An important participant in the system, the construction of an ecosystem partner system can help companies quickly achieve business expansion while minimizing cost growth, allowing database vendors to invest limited personnel and funds in the development of database technology and products.

As a part of the database ecosystem, CloudQuery has also reached a strategic cooperation with Dameng, a leading domestic database manufacturer. As a database management tool, in enterprise data security management and control, the type of database accessed is the basis for data operations. CloudQuery already supports connecting to Dameng (7.6, 8.0), and will gradually support all Dameng database products, including Dameng distributed database, graph database, cloud database, etc., and fully adapt to support Dameng Dlsql and other database features. At the same time, it will develop a variety of Dameng database ecological products including authority control and audit analysis.
And in the next iteration plan, CloudQuery will add support for multiple domestic databases including TDSQL, PolarDB, and OceanBase.
Xinchuang is the key to solving the problem of my country's information security and industrial development being constrained by others. Aiming at and breaking through the core basic and key technologies, and establishing an independent tool system, product system and ecological system is the original intention of Xinchuang, and it should also become the publicity and development direction of the industry. In the future, CloudQuery will actively cooperate with the country's new infrastructure construction, continue to build excellent domestic self-developed database ecological tool products, use independent innovation to build Chinese brands, form its own unique competitive advantage, and strive to rise to the high end of the "smile curve", becoming a global response to the future The optimal solution of the competition.

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